How to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a serious problem affecting thousands to millions of people every day. This is why it is only advisable to be cautious with your actions wherever you are. Whether you’re buying stuff online or signing an application for credit cards or whatever membership you’re looking into, you should be very careful about the information you’re giving. This post provides some useful tips to secure your identity. Remember, the more people who know how to prevent this incident, the less inclined others may be to commit the crime.

It all starts with how you manage your personal information. As mentioned above, you need to be extra careful and be more “sensible”. Here are some precautions to keep you out of trouble:

Bring only the documents you need

When applying for a job, passport, or a visa, make sure to bring only identity-theft-insurancethe documents you need. In case you need to bring all your documents, secure them on clean folder. Check the requirements needed before heading to their office.

Track your transactions online

If you love shopping online, make sure to check all the transactions you made. This gives you an opportunity to review what products you bought or services you availed. Check the dates of transaction. Keeping track of every transaction can prevent any discrepancies. Contact your bank if you notice some purchases that you didn’t actually make.

Keep new checks out of the mail

As much as possible, get your checks personally at the back instead of having them sent to your home. This is to make sure only you can claim the check. There are several cases reported that checks were stolen, altered and cashed by identity thieves.

Be careful when providing personal information over the phone

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There are many scammers who gather personal information thru a phone call. One of the most common scams today is they will tell you that they are working for banks or government agencies. First, they will offer you promos like free gift checks or credit cards then will ask you for your personal information so you can claim the prize. So be careful when giving out personal information over the phone. Always contact the main office to verify the promos they are offering.

Be careful when dumping your files

It may sound weird, but many identity thieves search the dumpster for receipts, credit cards, and anything that contains your personal information. So shred any document containing your information like bank statements, returned checks or any other sensitive information before disposing them.

Make sure your documents are safe

While its your employer’s job to secure your personal identification, it is always better to verify that your records are safe. Make sure they keep things confidential.

Get regular updates of your credit

Keep track of your credit reports and make sure everything is up-to-date. Check the information provided and again, check the transactions posted. You can sign up for a credit monitoring service to make things easir for you.

These are some of the things you need to consider to secure your information and prevent identity theft. If you have suggestions, please feel free to drop them at the comment box.


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