Why Do you Need Updated Antivirus Software?

As modern technology continues to rise, you can expect more and more updates from the so-called “Cyberworld.” While most of us enjoy the convenience what the Internet has to offer, there are also risks that we should not forget. Again, these powerful machines are still limited which means, we still need to take care of them. One system-maintenance that we should not ignore is the importance of having efficient and up-to-date antivirus software. In this article, I will discuss the main importance of installing and updating your antivirus program. Read on.

Possible threats you may encounter

One of the most common threats up until today is the “Trojan Horse.” This can get onto your system by pretending to be useful, but once inside the system, it spreads a suspicious payload. Some message you may receive will ask for personal information like your name, address, contact number, email address, and many more. It can capture your email address, social networking accounts and passwords. In some cases, it can also capture your financial transactions and could drain your bank account.


Fortunately, there are tons of antivirus programs to prevent this problem. Many software today can easily detect spam messages and unsolicited programs. One popular program today is the AVG, and this can do just about everything like spewing spam, activate firewall, and protect your system to any malicious service attack.

On the other hand, if your ISP detects GameOver Zeus coming from your IP address, you might find it really difficult to fix your Internet connection.

Other forms of unsolicited messages

One popular form of unsolicited messages is the “reward scam”. As the name implies, you may get personal messages from your social networking accounts or your email saying that you have won a random raffle and you can claim your reward by submitting your personal information.


Another threat that can harm your system is the “Ransomware.” This happens when your computer system have been reached already. You may get messages demanding you for some money so you can regain your access. It may also come in many varieties, and trust me you don’t want to experience this. And even if you pay your “ransom”, there are no guarantees that you can recover your data so you need to reformat or install a new driver.

Here’s another scenario that you may encounter. If these cyber criminals manage to infest your data with malware that can reach your accounts, passwords, and personal information; this may result into a full blown identity theft. It can be really difficult to detect this. Many victims of identity theft didn’t realize they are getting hacked until you get the bill for a credit card or you check your bank account slowly depleting.

This is why I really recommend having an updated antivirus. Don’t go for the cheap ones. Find the best one in the market. Read reviews and customers’ feedback. And if you see spam messages from your social networking accounts and emails, don’t hesitate to report them. One of our Customers that owns a Towing Service in Frisco, Tx found out the hard way after having issues with spam reviews so take care of the issue right away.

You should also be careful when buying antivirus program online. To avoid buying fake antivirus programs please watch the video below.



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